Easy Adventure at Baler

I had an AMAZING glamping experience over the weekend. My friends and I have been looking forward to this trip ever since we booked it and now that it’s over, we are left wanting more!! Kudos to the awesome folks of Easy Adventure for the great idea and execution. This is probably the closest I can get to camping and because I am so happy I hope you don’t mind that this is going to be a photo heavy post! There was just SOOO MUCH to capture! 🙂

Easy Adventure is located in Charlie’s Point, Reserva, Baler Aurora, 6 hours away from Manila by car. It’s waze-able just look for Easy Adventure Baler (Glamping) on waze. The site is a little bit hard to find, we made a lot of wrong turns and ended up in some abandoned houses but being with friends who make fun of just about everything made it less stressful. Entering the site we drove up a narrow dirt road where BIG cars might not be advisable.

The weather was extremely hot when we arrived and so the staff escorted us to our tent right away where they served buko juice as our welcome drinks. The tent was of good size, enough space to fit us 4 and all our things. Since it can get REALLY hot though, we only stayed in the tent to sleep and spent most of the time either in the deck or siesta hub. The deck is right in the middle of the camp site with serene view of where the river meets the sea while the siesta hub is on the other side of the camp site. Good thing my friend knew about it because we wouldn’t have found it if we didn’t ask. It was our favourite spot especially in the scorching heat because of the shade and hammocks and the best part is the charging station haha! Oh that’s one thing to note – make sure to bring your portable chargers with you so you won’t have to leave your phone in the charging stations. Also if you’re like me who’s not sure if you can survive the whole camping thing, Easy adventure will give you this experience on a much more comfortable level. If you’re wondering and i’m sure most of you are, they have decent shower areas with refreshingly cold water and clean toilet with bidet and lots and lots of toilet paper. 🙂


Our tent



Shower area

DSCF4800 copy

Toilet area


The Deck


Siesta Hub


Siesta Hub | Hammock


Siesta Hub | Viewing Deck

All our meals (breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner) were prepared by the Easy Adventure staff. With more than 15 guests they have a buffet set up for the meals but if its otherwise, it’s usually plated. We just wish that they have more off the menu items (like desserts, shakes, halo-halo, local beers, etc.) especially since they have corkage if you bring in food and drinks.



List of all off the menu items




Fried Suman Rolls are the bomb!



Breathtaking view from the deck

DSCF4620Our days would start really early with the sun kissing our faces at 6AM and that’s our cue to head to the beach to watch the sun rise. Some of the activities we tried are the stand up paddle, kayak and we rented the dune buggy! It was so much fun to drive around with the buggy that we went to Sabang Beach, which is around 15 mins away, with it. As much as I wanted to drive it though, I couldn’t because I don’t know how to drive manual cars. hehe Nonetheless it was still fun and CUTE!! 🙂 It comes in 3 colors – white, green and yellow but we insisted to have the white one for our photos sake haha the moment was too cute not to capture! At nighttime we asked them to set up a bonfire for us. Bonfire is always a good idea! 🙂 🙂


Morning walks on the beach




DSCF5573DSCF4780 copyDSCF5161DSCF5165

DSCF5205 copy




For your reference, here’s a breakdown of all our expenses per person:

P4,330 – 3 days 2 nights accommodation with complete meals (breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner) from deal grocer

P1,300 – activities (stand up paddle, kayak, dune buggy), extra orders of drinks (hot choco, dalandan, beer) & rechargeable fan

P500 – gas and toll

P6,130 – TOTAL (not bad at all!)


Hope this helps. Til next time ❤

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