Costa Pacifica, Baler

Mornings in Baler are the best! It gives you a magical view of the rising sun. Over a month ago I was in Baler for Easy Adventure (read about my amazing glamping experience here) and now I will be sharing with you a different experience with Costa Pacifica.

No doubt, Costa Pacifica is the most luxurious looking resort along the whole stretch of Sabang Beach to date. I’ve heard good reviews about this resort from friends and I noticed that it’s usually the go-to resort in Baler that’s why I was excited to go on this trip. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as expected at first. I booked a Casa de Bahia room with Agoda at P4,000 per night. Little did we know that it was located on a separate building across the resort. Agoda did not specify. The building looked nothing like the other buildings of Costa Pacifica as it was more like an abandoned building that was purchased and they made accommodations out of it without changing the outside look. I was very disappointed that I wasn’t informed as I was doing the booking because if I had known, I wouldn’t have booked Casa de Bahia. Disappointed, we still accepted the room.

We haven’t been inside the room for long and we already had a list of complaints, those that did not meet our expectations of Costa Pacifica. To name a few these are – spider web by the door, broken towel rack, hair strands under the bed, sand on the floor, brand new shirt sticker on the glass window and headboard, plastic bag used as shower door handle (really??) and the list goes on and on every minute we stayed in the room. My boyfriend is in the hotel industry so he sure knows that though we got the room at a relatively lower rate because we booked in Agoda, the product and their services should not be affected.

Can it get any worse? You’ll be surprised. Earl got a ‘I want to hear from you’ flyer and decided to just email the resident manager, whose email address is at the back of the leaflet, about our sentiments. As he was trying to send the email it seems that it doesn’t want to go through so I offered to be the one to send the email instead. When i tried, the email bounced. Apparently, the resident manager specified in the flyer is no longer connected with them. I know what you’re thinking… Why is his email address even there in the first place… RIGHT!!! Can you just imagine what we were feeling then, it was piling up. To keep our cool and to avoid harsh words coming out of our mouths, we decided to just head out for lunch. After which, calmly, I approached the front desk and asked for the duty manager that day and her name is Paula. In the nicest way possible, we shared our sentiments and to cut the long story short – since it was fully booked that day they upgraded our rooms to Junior Premiere the next day. We were very thankful to Paula, who handled the situation very well. 🙂

DSCF7322 copyDSCF7314 copyDSCF7305 copyDSCF7327 copyDSCF7249 copyDSCF7251 copyDSCF7252 copyDSCF7256 copyDSCF7264 copyDSCF7265 copy

DSCF7273 copy

View from our room | Sunset

DSCF7364 copy

DSCF7358 copy

Hotel Breakfast


Learn how to surf.

Eat LOBSTERS at Yolly’s. Also try Baler Surfer Grill and Surf and Chill fresh juices. Order their watermelon juice (with real watermelon bites), it’s my favorite! 🙂

Drive to Diguisit Rock Formation, around 30 mins further from Sabang Beach. Have lunch and spend the afternoon in Dicalasarin Cove. Dicasalarin Cove has entrance fee of P300/head but as a Costa Pacifica guest, you get 50% off!

DSCF6928 copy

LOOOOOVEsters at Yolly’s

DSCF7411 copy

Barbecue Bulalo at Baler Surfer Grill

DSCF5219 copy

Baler Surfer Grill

DSCF6970 copy

Diguisit Rock Formation

DSCF6994 copyDSCF7041 copy

DSCF7088 copy

Dicasalarin Cove from the top

DSCF7094 copyDSCF7117 copy

DSCF7106 copy

DSCF7149 copy

Lunch at Dicasalarin Cove | Grilled Squid and Liempo

DSCF7121 copy

Dicasalarin Cove

DSCF7153 copyDSCF7190 copy

DSCF7208 copy

Suit by eight mermaid ❤ Love how comfortable i feel wearing it!

DSCF7295 copy

Sabang Beach

Maybe because it’s summer time and it was a weekend but Baler was overly crowded when we went. On our last day, hoping that the weekenders have already gone home on Sunday, I decided to wake up at 5:30 on Monday morning. To my surprise, there were already a couple of people around the beach. haha! WHYYYYYYY… 

DSCF7304 copy

Oh well, mornings remain magical in Baler ❤

DSCF7400 copy

Overall, it was a steady weekend trip to Baler. Summer weekends can get really crowded so as much as possible I would suggest to avoid this time. Oh, and don’t forget to buy and try Baler suman (they use organic rice). You’ll notice stores along the road on the way home, you won’t miss it!

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses for the trip 🙂


‘Til next time! 🙂

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