Caramoan Roadtrip

Last week, I packed my bags not knowing where I was headed and it turned out to be the longest road trip of my life! From Manila to Naga to San Jose to Caramoan and back, we spent a total of 22 hours on the road. What an experience! haha! Lucky for me I slept most of the time. 🙂 Although i’m probably not going to a road trip this long again. haha! I guess I was never really a fan of road trips, it requires so much time and energy don’t you think? Thank God for seat sales! 🙂

This was actually a surprise trip that Earl planned for me (how sweet!!!). I seriously had no clue where we were going. The only thing he told me was that we were going somewhere i’ve never been before. My guess was hundred islands. haha! Oops. But my oh my, Caramoan! ❤ I’ve been wanting to see this place, only it never crossed my mind that I was going on a roadtrip to get there. haha! A plane ride was what I had in mind but nevertheless, i think we all should experience a major roadtrip in our lifetime. 😉

The trip was pretty chill, great for a quick espace from the city. We only had two things in our itinerary – foodtrip & Caramoan. As soon as we arrived we met with Ate Gen, Earl’s sister, who lives in Naga. It’s always good to know someone who’s familiar with the place since you get good recommendations on what to do and where to eat. 🙂


Try the garlic parmesn and cajun chicken at Bigg’s Diner, the biggest food chain in Bicol.

Head over to DJC for dessert. Try their Halo-Halo with cheese! It was so good we made sure to pass by for a take out before heading back to Manila 🙂

See & Do

CamSur Watersport Complex (CWC)

Just a few minutes away from the city is this famous waterpark where you can spend one whole day for activities like wakeboaring, swimming, and billiards.

DSCF8148 copyDSCF8154 copy


The highlight of the trip was our island hopping in Caramoan. From San Jose, we had a 2 hour roadtrip to the jump off point of our island hopping tour. We rented a bangka for P4,000 and tour guide for P1,000.

It was a gamble to visit Caramoan on August since the weather is pretty unpredictable this time. To my surprise, it was the calmest boat ride I have ever experienced. Caramoan has the stillest waters in my observation. I’m not sure if this goes on all year round but man, the view was sooo peaceful. I couldn’t take a photo that gives justice to how serene the view is. I gotta work on my photography skills some more. haha!

DSCF8186 copyDSCF8193 copyDSCF8206 copyDSCF8222DSCF8226 copyDSCF8235 copy

Our tour guide, Mang Winal, brought us to this floating cottage for lunch. Look at that view! ❤ The weather was just how we wanted it to be, a little cloudy but no rain. Our timing was perfect since a little after lunch, during low tide, there was a vast expanse of white sand that greeted us with pastel skies.

Sharing with you the rest of the photos i took before my camera died. Lesson learned. haha! Enjoy ❤

DSCF8238 copyDSCF8241 copyDSCF8247 copyDSCF8328 copyDSCF8299 copyDSCF8310 copyDSCF8341 copy copyDSCF8354 copy copy

DSCF8396 copyDSCF8398DSCF8413 copy

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