Top Airbnb Picks 2 Hours From Manila

Thanks to Airbnb the accommodation rental has been stepping up its game giving us a trusted website that offers a unique travel experience each time.

Today i’m going to share with you guys 4 of my airbnb finds this year that are just 1 to 2 hours away from Metro Manila. From lofts to kubos, you’ll be sure to find a place to stay on your next quick getaway.

For booking inquiry, click on the name of the place below for the link to each airbnb sites. Hope this helps. 🙂


One bedroom, 4 beds, max of 6 people (P5,843 for 6 people)

This is #atticgoals. haha! The place is small but very cozy and nicely designed. It’s good for small groups, friends or family, so if you’re going for a more relaxed getaway this might be the one for you. They’ve got lots of books and board games to keep you entertained. I went here with my family and we literally just stayed in. My mom read as much books she could possibly read while us kids played cards, board games and PS4 (which my brother brought). I was addicted to call of duty for the weekend. haha!

The host, Chino, and his caretakers were very accommodating. They’re staying in the main house which is just beside this place so it was easy to reach them when we needed to. They also let us in the rooftop of the main house at night, where we enjoyed a great view of the city.




Two bedrooms, 3 beds, maximum of 6 people (P7,822 for 6 people)

20 minutes out of Tagaytay, we headed here right after checking out at Chino’s cute loft. Our family booked 2 airbnbs for the weekend since it was pretty hard to decide between the two. Unlike the first one though, this airbnb find has a kitchen so we just cooked our own food. They have a grilling area too! Overall, we enjoyed our time swimming and lounging around.




Two bedrooms, 3 beds, maximum of 5 people (P11,576 for 5 people with breakfast)

Last July, Earl and I decided to spend our anniversary with my family here at Narra Hill. Narra Hill is a wedding and events venue but you can also book their kubos individually exclusively at airbnb. As for us we booked kubo 1, which is good for 5. Our kubo had 2 floors. The lower floor is where the common area, mini kitchen and the master’s bedroom are while the other room is upstairs. My family enjoyed lounging by the pool with a breathtaking view, which we pretty much had all to ourselves the entire time.

Narra Hill also offers a great view of the morning sun so my siblings and I made sure that we wake up early to watch and take photos of the sunrise.




Three bedrooms, 16 beds, maximum of 30 people (P25,770 for 18 people, additional P500/ person on top of 18)

My dgroup and I planned a mini fellowship night for August and when I saw Awilihan on airbnb, i knew it was the perfect place for us. Awilihan, which is an hour drive from Metro Manila, is a private beach resort allowing only one group to rent the resort at a time. It was unfortunate though that it was raining almost the entire time we were in the resort. Luckily, Earl and I got to the place earlier than expected because an hour after we arrived, the rain started to pour and it didn’t stop until we left the next day. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have these photos to share with you guys. haha!

The lower area of the house has a spacious air-conditioned living and dining area perfect for gatherings and all the bedrooms are located upstairs. There are also a lot of activities that you can do in this resort like swimming, basketball, table tennis, billards, volleyball, frisbee, karaoke and more! While you enjoy these activities, you can leave the food preparation to the awesome folks of Awilihan. They prepare home cooked filipino dishes of your choice (check out their menu on their website).




Visit their website for more information:

*Please note that prices may change

So… what’s your favorite? 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Top Airbnb Picks 2 Hours From Manila

    • chayantonio says:

      Hi Dominique! I’m so happy you enjoy it 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, appreciate it a lot! ❤ Check out my latest post about my most recent trip to Siargao! If you haven't been, you should go there too! 🙂


  1. Mar says:

    We’re a group of 25 people looking for a place where we can stay overnight. It must be as beautiful as Awilihan Resort where we spent an overnight stay last December. Can you please help us? Many thanks! 😀


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