Choosing where to stay in Bali: Bracha Villas, Seminyak

Choosing a place to stay in Bali was extremely overwhelming with lots of affordable hotels and villas to choose from! It took me weeks of searching and comparing one villa to another before I could really decide which one to choose. At the same time I hear of a lot of horror stories of friends of friends whose villas got robbed, which is why I wanted to be more careful in choosing. You should be too! (You’ve been warned haha!) But seriously, some villas may look really tempting but make sure that more than anything else, security will be your top priority. 🙂

Since it was my first time in Bali, I wanted to keep it safe and stay in Seminyak area. I thought that maybe I should have a feel of Bali first before I experiment on other areas like Ubud, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaran, etc.  So after checking about 1,000,000,000 (I checked A LOT, i lost count haha!) different hotel and villa options, I booked a two bedroom villa with Bracha Villas, Seminyak for P8,466/night nett with breakfast for 4.

Aside from the 24-hour security service, I liked how we were conveniently located near the food and shopping strip of Seminyak. Our villa was spacious and we had our very own private pool. My favorite though was the pool breakfast! ❤ Forget breakfast in bed! With Bracha Villas, you can have your breakfast served in the pool 🙂



Two bedroom villa with private pool





Common area





Pool breakfast!!! ❤


Breakfast in bed? Nope, not in our villa! 🙂


I’ll miss waking up to this ❤

Here’s a short video i made to show you how our villa looked like. Watch in HD 🙂



ChayRound2 (1)

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