Ice Skating at The Natural History Museum, London

DSCF2243 copy

It was such a wonderful feeling to go ice skating for the first time in this beautiful place. This is probably one of the highlights of the trip! We enjoyed it so much that we had to do it twice. Perfect weather, beautiful architecture, Christmas vibes – the feeling was just so magical! I felt like a Disney princess! ❤

One of the things I like about London is how people are generally nice and ready to help. I bought our tickets before the trip and for some reason I mixed up our schedules, thinking we’re going ice skating on November 1 when I booked for October 31. Since we already missed it we decided to just go anyway and watch people skate (how sad! haha) but God had a different plan. It turns out we can buy tickets on site and they still had slots for that day! Hooray! Not only that because when I was telling the ticket guy about the mix up in schedule he gave us the new tickets for FREE!!! 🙂 (well technically not free… but you know what I mean! haha)

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DSCF1934 copyDSCF1924 copyDSCF2234 copy

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DSCF2258 copyDSCF2338 copyDSCF2243 copy

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