18 Things to do in London

Taking my mind quickly out of work and going through 4,000+ photos from our London trip last year and decided to write about the things we did, which i know is long overdue.

For Earl’s 30th birthday we decided to visit his brother, whose family was based in London for a time. This was our first long haul trip together and by far the most memorable yet ❤

Things to do

  1. Explore and go around the beautiful streets of London (Day and Night)

DSCF9108 copy


DSCF9390 copy

Albert Bridge at night

2. Visit famous London landmarks

DSCF0357 copy

London Eye | Big Ben

DSCF0330 copy

Tower Bridge

DSCF0348 copy

Tower of London


3. Spend the afternoon in hyde park

DSCF0045 copyDSCF9915 copyDSCF9948 copyDSCF0004 copy


4. Visit the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace


DSCF9831 copy

Read more about Kensington Palace here

5. Walk and take photos around Notting Hill

DSCF9494 copy


DSCF9423 copy

6. Pass by Abbey Road by The Beatles

DSCF9535 copy

7. Visit the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, where east meets west

DSCF1059 copy

8. Visit Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park

DSCF0426 copyDSCF0415 copyDSCF0461 copy

DSCF0530 copy

Richmond Park

DSCF0549 copyDSCF0538 copy


9. Watch West End Shows

DSCF1883 copy


DSCF2004 copy



DSCF9538 copy

Oxford Street

11. Eat! Eat! Eat!

DSCF9221 copy

Shake Shack

DSCF9541 copy

Wok to Walk

DSCF0322 copy

Borough Market

DSCF1134 copy

DSCF1931 copy

Ben’s Cookies

DSCF0119 copy

Camden Town Food Market

12. Drive your dream car at Everyman Racing, Loughbrough

DSCF1682 copyDSCF1690 copy


DSCF1842 copy

the car he paid extra for…

DSCF1863 copy

My turn 🙂

DSCF1881 copy

13. Visit the world of Harry Potter, book the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour

DSCF1638 copy

DSCF1329 copy

14. Visit the London Zoo

DSCF0248 copy

15. Visit Museums (most are free)

DSCF9249 copy

British Museum

16. Visit Leeds Castle

DSCF0687 copyDSCF1031 copy

17. Go Ice Skating (Christmas Season)

DSCF1924 copy

Ice Skating at Natural History Museum

DSCF2243 copy

Read more about our ice skating experience here

18. Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival (Christmas Season)

DSCF2196 copySpecial thanks to Kuya JP, Ate Loni and Drakey for the very warm welcome ❤


DSCF9063 copy

Thank you ❤

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