18 Things to do in Bali

Bali holds a special place in my heart and today i’m going to share 18 things to do there but I know that there’s a whole lot more! I can’t wait to be back ❤

Things to do

  1. Book your dream villas at very reasonable prices

DSCF2366 copyDSCF6071 copyDSCF6396 copy


Breakfast in the pool | Bracha Villas Seminyak

2. Experience their culture and visit the temples


Tanah Lot Temple

IMG_3090 copy copy

3. For coffee lovers, taste different kinds of coffee and tea at the coffee plantation in Ubud



Free taste of 12 types of coffee and tea

4. Conquer your fear of heights at Bali Swing

DSCF5676 copyDSCF5687 copyDSCF5674 copyDSCF5650 copy

5. GO SHOPPING at Ubud Market and get yourself the famous Bali bags and other interesting stuff

DSCF5728 copy

6. Visit Ubud’s Tegallalang rice terraces



7. Visit the Monkey Forest at Ubud

8. Have a taste of their local cuisine at Nook (with a view of the rice field in the day)

DSCF2450 copyDSCF2458 copy

9. Chill and have a drink at the Lawn at Canggu

DSCF3866 copy

DSCF3874 copy

10. All day happy hour at Single Fin, Uluwatu

DSCF4271 copy

DSCF4192 copy

11. Surf, swim or watch seasoned surfers at Blue Point Beach, Uluwatu

DSCF5754 copy

12. Enjoy the breathtaking view at Uluwatu Temple and cliff

DSCF5814 copy copy





13. Swim with the waves at Dreamland Beach at Uluwatu


14. Pretty plates in pretty places – Visit Seminyak’s Restaurants and Cafes with beautiful interiors

ed27e326-cb5a-478e-906d-d5e6d334702c copya897c0c5-3216-4280-a8d9-08caed5a5034 copy

15. Eat at (probably) the most instagrammed restaurant in Bali, Sea Circus

DSCF5906 copyDSCF5938 copyDSCF5949 copyDSCF5954 copy

16. Take a day trip to see the breathtaking views at Nusa Penida Island

DSCF6210 copy

Broken Beach

DSCF6281 copyDSCF3044 copy

DSCF6299 copy

Kelingking Beach

17. Chill and have a drink at La Plancha while watching the sunset

dscf1023-copyDSCF6057 copy

18. Catch the golden Seminyak Sunset


DSCF6067 copydscf1072-copy

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